Monday, November 30, 2015

November 30, 2015 - Bittersweet Sunset

The sun sets on another day I can’t have back.  It seemed like an ordinary day when I woke up.  I made breakfast, just as I always do.  I got dressed and went about my chores.  I spoke with many people.  I went into town to take care of some business.  I paid some bills.  I read some poetry and some beautiful prose, just as I always do.  I had many outdoor tasks to complete.  I took care of my animals, as usual.  There was nothing different about this day than any other day.

Seize the day.

But every time the sun goes down, I realize that I’ve lost another day, and I can’t ever have it back.  And I wonder to myself, didn’t I realize just how special today was?  Because it was special.  Every day is so very, very special.  Why didn’t I pay more attention?  Why didn’t I seize the day while it was here?  What could possibly have kept me from realizing it?

Bittersweet reflections at the end of a day.  It was a good day, and I have no complaints about it.  It was a fine day and much was accomplished.  It was a day that anyone would be proud to have.  Except now that it’s gone, I see it was more precious to me than I realized.  I tell myself that I must pay more attention.  Tomorrow.  Tomorrow I will pay more attention.  Surely, I will not squander yet another day.  Tomorrow there is much to do.  Already I am thinking of my chores.  Surely, there will be plenty of time tomorrow to seize the day.

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