Friday, November 27, 2015

November 27, 2015 - The Right Direction

It’s hard to keep going in the right direction.  There are so many distractions that take us off the path.  We linger in some areas longer than others, forgetting about that weathervane we were given when we were very little.  Some paths take us in strange directions, and sometimes we get lost on those other paths.  One path will lead to another and another and another . . . Finding your way back is very difficult.

Did I turn here?  Or was it there?  Or maybe I didn’t turn here at all.  Maybe it was further up the path.  Maybe I should continue on.  It’s all so confusing.  Why did I leave the path I was set on in the first place?  It was a nice path.  Ah yes . . . there was that shiny piece of jewelry I saw.  There was that never ending party I wanted to attend.  There were people calling to me, waving to me, encouraging me to leave my path and enter the jungle.  And so I did.

It always points the right way.

I languished in a land of new experiences, or so they seemed, until I found out they were all the exact same experience just wearing different masks.  I trotted on to a land of seeming luxury, but it was always out of my grasp.  The more urgently I reached for it, the further it receded.  I went to a land of bitterness and anger, and I set up shop there for quite some time.  I was never very successful there, though, because everyone was so angry and bitter.  I kept on to a land of laziness and despair.  The lazier I became, the more I despaired, and vice versa.  It was like the snake consuming its own tail, round and round and round . . .

There were many lands to visit, many lands where I spent a lot of time.  Some were good, many were not.  But what each one did was rob me of some of my allotted time, my precious, precious time.  Wasting a month here, a year or two there, a decade just beyond the bend, another couple of decades at the last turn . . .  Only to find out that the path came to an abrupt end, and the prize was nowhere in sight.

But there was always that weathervane deep down inside, the one I was given so very long ago.  I took it out and shined it up and placed it as high as I could.  And then I waited, but I didn’t have to wait too long.  In fact, right away, it placed me back on my old path.  Of course, there it was.  Right there.  The path was there all along.  How could I not have seen it?

Now when I come to a crossroads, I look up to the old weathervane.  In what direction is it pointing?  That’s the path.  That’s where I go.  I’ve got a way to travel yet, but I’m getting there.  I’m in pursuit now.

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