Friday, November 13, 2015

November 13, 2015 - Just Enough

The romance still continues between the sun and the shore, even now when the days grow short.  The courting is quiet and sweet; fleeting and ephemeral.  But it’s there.  We’re too busy to notice because there is so much to do now, so much to prepare for.  Yet the dance goes on.

Tonight the sun embraced the cold shore just for a few minutes before slipping away to the underworld, but it was enough.  The water reflected the two hearts just long enough to show their undying affection.

A brief but joyous embrace.

She waits on the shore now, waiting for the Sun King.  Every morning and every evening, she waits.  He doesn’t always come, not like he used to when the days were warmer.  But whenever he can send her a tiny gift, he does.  It’s so small and comes with no fanfare or announcement.  No one really knows about it but her, and yet this gift is the best gift of all.

The brilliant summer galas are always fun, but the quiet candle in the darkness is all that was left in Pandora’s Jar, and it’s enough.

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