Tuesday, December 1, 2015

December 1, 2015 - Secret Universes

Whole universes take place right under my nose.  Under my foot, they come and go, never knowing about me, never knowing about any of us.  And I rarely think about them.  They’re worlds that exist on the ground all around us.  Shells housing bodies, or that once housed bodies, lying on the beach, and all around them, tiny bugs and plant life brought in by the ocean and then brought out again.

Lives beginning, being lived, and ending without ever knowing that any of us exist.  They’re worlds filled with minerals and bacteria, with shards of glass and pieces of opalescent shells shimmering everywhere.  Like us, they are ruled according to a rhythm.  For humans, it’s the rhythm of the sun and moon, the “tides” of the celestial bodies.  They come in and they go out, and we spin our lives around them.  For the secret universes under our feet, it’s the rhythm of the water, the tides of the ocean.  They come in and they go out, and whole tiny universes spin their lives around them.

Spiraling into existence.

Nikola Tesla once said, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”  He understood how the universe unfolds, how it spins into existence and spins back out again.  He understood the power source in its many forms (energy); the patterns which our lives revolve around, such as the sun and moon rising and setting or the tides of the ocean coming in and going out (frequency); and the waves created by the reaction of life to the first two principles (vibration).  He understood that the universe is a dance that follows a perfect pattern.

Tesla understood this.  It was not just a philosophical understanding.  It was an innate knowledge.  And because of this, he had the ability to completely understand the universe and how to work with it.  He understood energy and its secret connections to everything.  Had he been allowed to continue, he would surely have learned the secret of creating his own universe, spinning it out of the one we currently occupy.

However, the ordinary everyday person is not Nikola Tesla.  We must be content to wonder about the universes that occur all around us all the time, whirring into existence and whirring out again, following the mantra of energy, frequency, and vibration.  The beautiful shells spin out into the world and then spin back in upon themselves, exploding with life and imploding with decay, following a secret spiral dance.

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