Thursday, November 12, 2015

November 12, 2015 - A Necessary Evil

I was taking a ride down an old road when I found this little house.  It’s pretty small, but you can tell it’s old by its pretty multi-pane windows.  There are more modern storm windows put up over them, of course, because of the time of year, but you can still see those nice old windows underneath.  There’s a fresh coating of paint on the house, and the clapboards have been kept in fine shape.

This old house.

The door is pretty old.  It was made in the days before we put locks on our houses.  I used to live in a house like that when I was little.  We never ever locked the doors because they didn’t have any locks on them.  Someone has placed a new small lock below the door latch and a handle on the outside frame to assist entering since it’s quite a step up.

Someone lives in this little house.  The foundation plants are well cared for, and I saw a small decoration here and there.  There is absolutely no electricity running to the house.  I checked it from all angles.  There are no electrical wires, no phone wires, and no cable wires.  There’s no satellite dish.  But someone does live here.  There are some extensive vegetable gardens off to the right, not included in the photo.  There are also apple trees out back along with a nice woodpile and a chimney you can’t see from the photo.  A small kitchen woodstove would heat this place up nicely.

Someone wakes up and goes to sleep in this little house.  They go through their mornings without listening to music and without turning on the television (which they don’t have).  It’s a quiet morning without technology and it leads to a quiet afternoon, and this in turn leads to a quiet evening.  I’m sure there’s plenty of work to get done around there, so maybe the internet isn’t needed after all.  Apparently, peace and quiet are worth their weight in gold around here.

Does the person have a “life” outside of this little place?  Very likely so.  But there’s living, and then there’s living.  The latter takes place in this house.  The former is a necessary evil.

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