Tuesday, November 3, 2015

November 3, 2015 - Dress Me In Scarlet


If I must go from the world, then dress me in scarlet.
Take me to the last ball of the season.
Let me be the lady in red,
dancing in shattered brilliance.

If I must leave the Earth, then cloak me in crimson
so that none may forget.
Let them see me unafraid,
awash with the radiance, the blaze of ebbing life.

If I must be banished, then cover me with rubies.
Ten thousand gems gleaming,
riches and waste and a glorified end,
finery in fatality, head unbowed.

If I must die, then let me die as a blood-stained rose,
fermented as a fine and intoxicating wine
or a deep and lusty burgundy
that pinches the tongue, made speechless.

Ten thousand rubies. 

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