Monday, November 16, 2015

November 16, 2015 - On Truth

It occurs to me that the thing lacking the most from the world these days is an understanding, an instinctual knowing, of what Truth is.  Note that Truth, itself, is not lacking in the world, just the understanding and knowledge of it.  Truth can never be lacking because it is everywhere and it is everything.  There is nothing that can exist without Truth, and therefore, everything is Truth.  But mankind, because he has freedom of choice, may choose to see Truth or may choose to ignore it.  He may also choose to soil it and use it in ways it was not intended to be used.

And what is Truth?  Truth is the harmonious and perfect laws by which this universe is run.  Truth states these laws and follows them exactly and proclaims them from the highest mountain.  Truth is immutable and permanent.  It is etched in stone.  It does not compromise because it does not have to.  Nor does it make deals or exceptions or indulgences.

The Truth is unmistakable.

Truth demands an absolute comprehension of the perfect functioning of the universe.  This comprehension is innate and dwells within every living being.  No schooling is needed to understand the laws of the universe, and these laws are accessible to all--prince and pauper.  There are no favorites when it comes to the application of Truth.

No university holds the essence of Truth.  No secret society is alone privy to the secrets of Truth.  There is no striving necessary to find Truth, no woeful path beset with trials and tribulations necessary to win Truth.  It is freely available to the brilliant scholar and the most humble farmer.  It is freely available to the strongest and the weakest, the richest and the poorest, the nobleman and the common man.  Because in the eyes of Truth, there is no difference.

And how do we find Truth?  It is at our fingertips every second of every day.  The easiest way to familiarize yourself with Truth is to study the natural world.  In studying the natural world, certain things will become evident.  Certain things will be noticed, and they can be relied upon to always behave in the same manner.  Certain things will always be harmonious.  And all of these “certain things,” upon reflection and studying, will produce a “feeling” within you, a “knowledge,” a “flow.”

You then take that feeling, that knowledge, that flow, and you apply them instinctively to other aspects of your life.  And if they “feel” right--and you will know in no uncertain terms if they do--then they are Truth.  And if they do not, there will be an instant lack of harmony.  Everything will feel wrong.  If it cannot be held up to the simple basics of the natural world, no matter how complicated or beautiful it may appear, then it is not Truth.

Here are some simple aspects of Truth to consider.  They are so simple that they might seem ridiculous.  Surely, Truth must be more complicated than this?  But I say no:  Up is up and down is down, and what goes up must come down.  The sun is still the sun and the moon is still the moon.  There is light and there is darkness, and both are necessary in our world.  Without one, the other cannot exist because they define one another.  Black is black and white is white, and every color in between is just a part of the whole.  Male is male and female is female, and both are necessary in our world.  But as with light and darkness, each is different, and this difference is cause for celebration.  The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

That’s how you begin.  You notice in the natural world the “constants,” the things that are immutable, the things you can bank on, the things that happen the same way over and over with good results.  And you notice that these things are not improved upon because there is no need.  Smooth function and simplicity of existence are hallmarks of the Great Alchemist, and when you find these things, you are on the right track.  When you become confident in them, you can apply them to other aspects of your life.

But remember:  Truth is etched in stone.  No amount of beguiling words or outer beauty can make it otherwise.  Truth is enduring and changeless.  If something changes willy-nilly, it is not Truth because Truth is constant and steadfast and fixed.  Truth does not compromise, and it cares not one jot for mocking derision at its permanent and perpetual nature.  Truth does not care when deceptive people try to label it and call it stubborn, pigheaded, and narrow minded.  Truth does not give even one inch, regardless of insults, or compliments, for that matter.

This does not mean that Truth does not forgive.  It does forgive, and it is kind, and it is loving.  But it still remains absolutely true to form.  When mistakes are made, Truth waits patiently where it has always waited for the one who has erred to see where he has gone wrong and how he might go right.

Some silver-tongued wordsmiths might say to you, “Your truth is different than mine.  My truth is of a completely different nature and path.  We live in different realities.”  This is a lie because Truth does not change.  It can’t change.  It is the same for everyone, regardless of how much a person might deny it.  Truth must follow the natural laws laid down at the beginning of time.  There is only one path of Truth.  This path may be lined with dramatically different people and ideas, but it is still the same path.  The sun and moon still rise and set for all kinds of people.  Black is still black and white is still white, and all of the other natural things noted above are still the same as well.  These can all be found on the path.

You may compromise many aspects of your life.  You may go along to get along.  You may give in certain areas and take in others that you may not want to for the sake of kindness and decency.  You may be flexible with your expectations and demands.  All of these things are part of living with other people, and are all fine.  But the one thing you must never do is compromise Truth, for the moment you do, you will not have one second’s rest until you go back to what you know is true. 

After all the negotiating and discussing is said and done, after all the giving and taking is carried out, you must come to a point where you draw a line in the sand.  That line is Truth, and you do not step over it, ever.  And as long as you can do that, you will have peace and harmony in your life.  Oh, you may win some things and lose some others.  Wealth may come and go because it flows like the tides (another natural Truth).  You may gain friends at times and lose them at others.  But if you have Truth, if you know that things are what they are and you do not let anyone confuse you, if you refuse to play the games of the Trickster, then you will be very rich, indeed.

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