Thursday, November 5, 2015

November 5, 2015 - Seed Magic

The seeds reach up to the heavens now.  All around us the magic is taking place, and no one is paying attention at all.  No one realizes it.  Reaching and reaching for the sun . . .  There’s a secret transaction going on.  Can you feel it?

The magic.

Right now, a spark is being placed into each tiny seed.  Each seed is being touched by the Sun.  The Earth, too, gives her magic up, and both magics meet in the tiny seed.  It can’t be seen.  Break the seed open and you will find nothing, perhaps less than nothing.  A dried core, devoid of life.  But the magic is there.

Right now, the Earth is planting.  She’s planting like crazy.  She doesn’t do it in the spring like mankind does.  She does it in the fall, and we would be wise to take a lesson from her.  She knows what to do with the magic.  Each tiny package is placed in its tomb in the Earth, and a funeral filled with mourners and wailing banshees is about to take place.  Then it is up to Persephone to decide what to do.

The time to plant is now.  Perhaps not your tomatoes, but your dreams and ideas.  Place the spark in them now and put them in the Earth.  Read them their eulogy.  Then wait for the Lady of the Pomegranate seeds to bless them.

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