Saturday, November 28, 2015

November 28, 2015 - A Silver Promise

Often this time of year, the sun comes to us through silver curtains that move in the breeze.  Sometimes it’s very bright, and sometimes it’s dimmer and filters through to us like a shimmering dream.  Sometimes it’s completely obscured.  But on those days when it filters through the thinnest of silver curtains like a shimmering dream, I think then it looks loveliest.

A silver promise.

It’s like a secret promise spoken between two lovers in a dark hallway at a dance hall as they momentarily pass by one another.  No one knows of their love.  No one suspects.  He goes on his way to his destination, to his bachelor friends at the bar.  She goes off to her wallflower friends at the dance.  But the whispered secret shines brightly in their hearts.

This is the sun through the silver curtain.  It whispers, “I love you.  I will come back for you.”  And for now, we must have faith.  The dark days are coming, and the silver curtain will grow thicker and hide our dreams.  No matter, though.  We have the promise.

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