Sunday, April 6, 2014

April 6, 2014 - Little Duck

I am always awed at how well the animals are suited to their environment, the more so because it reminds me of how we humans are so ill-suited to our own environment.  Even the humans who live in warmer climates are ill-suited to the environment, needing all manner of cooler clothing or shoes or contraptions or modifiers.  Then I chance upon this little duck sitting on the thin ice, which is melting more every day.  Her little feet push at the ice and she breaks little channels in it, after which she takes a rest and just enjoys the day, doing nothing.  All along I thought it was the sun doing the job of breaking the ice, and I find out he has a helper in this happy little duck.  I watched her for a long time, and she was not worried about me as many ducks are.  She happily paddled around without a care in the world.  After all, the sun has many things to do, and surely a little duck can help out.

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