Sunday, April 13, 2014

April 13, 2014 - Grim Markers

"Wars--I have seen them come, and I have seen them go," says an old verse I read attributed to the Good Folk of the woods.  A visit to the Flying Point Cemetery in Freeport shows the grave of one Colonel George Rogers, who died in the year 1818 at the age of 84.  As you can see, he was a Revolutionary War hero, although this cemetery is not as well kept as the last one I showed, so there is no flag to mark his service.  It comes to us all in the end, this business of dying.  Here in an old graveyard in an old part of the country lies the remains of those who came before us.  But nobody seems to notice.  The war drums continue to beat until even the stones that mark the graves crumble into dust.

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