Sunday, April 20, 2014

April 20, 2014 - Transition Period

We're in a transition period here along the Atlantic.  The ice is all gone now.  The Canada geese have returned and so have many other birds.  The "peepers" (frogs) are singing complex symphonies.  The sun is shining.  But . . . there is no greenery.  Plant life is at a standstill with perhaps just a tiny hint of green here and there, but certainly nothing that could sustain the land.  The birds don't seem to mind, though.  The peepers don't worry; they keep singing.  The sun doesn't care.  All of the animals of the forest wait patiently with an inner knowing.  None of them are afraid.  None of them wonder what will happen because they all know what will happen.  They know that any time now the world will explode in unbelievably fantastic greenery and brilliant colors all around them.  Abundance will return with ferocity and all will be fed.  The world will come alive again with magnificent colors, scents, sounds, and wetness.  The animals have perfect faith that all will be well, and because they have perfect faith, all is well.  I look at my many fears and worries and I am reminded of the lesson the animals are trying to teach me.  Why do I always forget?

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