Tuesday, April 22, 2014

April 22, 2014 - Signs

It's entirely possible that these stones could have fallen into the exact formation you see them in.  It's entirely possible that each stone would have found another with which it fit so perfectly.  It's also possible that they would balance so perfectly through the windy and stormy weather of the coast without ever toppling over.  Certainly, it's plausible that a formation like this could be found right around an old telephone pole, the only "human" thing around for miles and miles.  And surely, surely, the fact that I noticed them today when I didn't see them yesterday--despite having walked the same trail--is purely a coincidence.  Surely.  Possibly so.  Or . . . is it as I suspected all along?  And are they finally trying to contact me?  Or are they just mocking me?  I'm not sure, but one thing I do know:  it's time to stop playing games and pretending.  I've got to go out there and make contact.  I will keep you informed of my progress.  Those fairies . . .

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