Thursday, April 24, 2014

April 24, 2014 - Dragons

The dragon is a mythical creature, or so they say.  Myself, I believe in them, having seen several in my lifetime.  I see them because I look for them, and I look for them because I see them.  Often there is just a bit of a tail sticking up from the ground here and there, a gleam of scales high in a tree.  Dragons sleep a lot, at least compared to us, so when I find them they are usually asleep.  And it's a good thing for that.  This fine and noble specimen is no exception, although as you can see, he is sleeping with his eyes open.  That's a common dragon trick designed to frighten you half to death, if not all the way.  It often works, and that's why you don't hear many accounts of having stumbled upon a live dragon.  There's a certain way it must be done, and I just happen to know that way.  I am officially documenting this for my return to civilization, when surely I will be heralded as a great explorer.  Or something.

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