Thursday, April 10, 2014

April 10, 2014 - An Unveiling

I have been down this road a thousand times before at least, and never have I seen this before.  It clearly was not recently built but has been here for quite some time.  You can tell by the moss that has grown on it.  Yet it was shielded from my watchful eyes up until now, and this is how I know it has been enchanted.  This large fairy dwelling--a condominium of sorts--practically leapt out at me as I took my afternoon walk today.  You can see at least three floors visible, with many entrances and windows.  On the lower left there also appears to be a small entrance to a subterranean portion.  Of course, I snapped a photo as soon as I saw it, only pausing afterward to wonder why I should have seen this today and not before.  I can only hope that the fairies are beginning to trust me, although fairies are well known for their laziness, so it may be that they simply accidentally allowed the enchantment to elapse for a while.  In any event, I now have it captured in this photo, and since I saw it with my own eyes, they will not be able to enchant me anymore, at least not regarding this particular dwelling.  Clever fairies, I am getting closer.

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