Saturday, April 9, 2016

April 9, 2016 - Messages


leave them messages
give them little signs to find
an arrow drawn in the sand
or small rocks placed in the shape of an arrow
pointing to a spot you know
where you found the hidden source
you felt it
and it said
“Lead them to me.”

leave them messages
make tiny towers of stones
or large cathedrals of rocks
in a way that can only mean
man was here
there is a hidden spot
a presence
sit for a while
and you will feel it

leave them messages
tiny little houses
made from reeds and sticks and feathers
a tea light placed within
shining a message of hope
a secret story
enchantment is here
search harder
you are almost there

leave them messages
leave them tiny little signs
those who are born into it
will know as soon as they see one
there will be no question
no confusion
they will feel the magic
they will begin the quest
and search themselves
to find the source

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