Monday, April 11, 2016

April 11, 2016 - It Has To Be Truth

Above all else, it has to be Truth that ranks as the most important thing, maybe even more important than Love.  Although Love is the fabric of the Universe--the raw material the Great Alchemist uses to create everything--Truth is the glue.  Without Truth, naught can withstand the pull of antimatter back into the Nothing.

I do not speak of Truth as being simple honesty among friends.  That is a lesson for a child.  When I speak of Truth, I speak of Law.  There are fundamental Laws in our Universe, and these Laws must always be followed.  There are no exceptions, even for the Great Alchemist (the One who can transmute at Will).  These Laws function at all times and under all circumstances.  They never change and they never vary.  They are fundamental, basic, quintessential truths.

Stark.  Bare.  Raw.

One may attempt to throw different Laws together in a mock endeavor to create something “new” or to reveal “new” Laws, but there are no new Laws.  All Laws ever made were laid down in the very beginning of Time.  One may even boldly attempt to give Love a name it does not claim for itself, thereby attempting to change the nature of Love.  In doing so, one may appear to thwart the Universe for a time, but Truth always sorts the matter out, and in the end, everything is stark and bare in its revealed nature.  Truth is always ugly and raw and without veil to those who shun it.

We could complicate matters by becoming scholars and discussing the various Laws of science and physics, and in doing so, we could eventually come to the Truth.  Or we could complicate matters even further by becoming philosophers and discussing in earnest how many Angels can dance upon the head of a pin, but in the end we still come to Truth.

Then, too, we could take a simpler path and observe Nature closely, intently, obsessively.  We could track Her every move and watch how She follows each simple Law perfectly in Her expression of Truth.  In doing so, we could learn the secrets of the Mysteries, so simple that a child could learn, but death all the same to he who is not prepared to learn.  We could see how She never varies from the Truth and how She follows each Law down to the exact letter, never missing one iota.  We can watch Her sway to the Dance of Balance--up and down, light and dark, hot and cold--always, always, always perfectly balancing the vital opposites.  And in that simplicity alone, we could become gods.

Armed with Knowledge, we can then easily observe the clever charlatans who use bits and pieces of Laws and Nature and Love, which they glue together in wondrous and colorful and distracting pieces of chaotic art.  Perhaps those pieces will also dance on pinheads with the Angels.  But in the end, if we know the Truth--the simple Laws of life that govern the Universe--no amount of deceitful smiles from a charlatan, however attractive, can fool us.

So, when all is said and done, the simple Truth--and it IS simple--is the only thing that stands the test of time, with everything else eventually falling apart like last year’s leaves.  Truth is the only thing that lasts.  Shoulder this Knowledge, and nothing can defeat you.  Shoulder this Knowledge and bring yourself, finally, out of chaos and into simple Peace.

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