Tuesday, April 26, 2016

April 26, 2016 - Deceitful April

Two steps forward, one step back.  It’s still progress.  It might not be as fast as we want to go, but it’s still progress.  I suppose if all we ever did was make leaps and bounds, we wouldn’t appreciate them.  It’s the losing of ground that we fought very hard for that makes that ground so special in the first place.  If we never had to fight for it, it wouldn’t be dear.  We tackled it, and then we lost it.

But not all of it; only half of it.  So while we may have lost 50%, we also gained 50%.  Am I sounding like the “glass half empty / glass half full” cliché?  I hope not.  Because this is much more serious.  We are engaged in battle.  This is war.

Oh, how she lies.
It snowed again today, and while at this time last year we still had snow or were just barely free of it, this year we have been free of it for quite some time.  Don’t bother me with trifles about last year.  This year promised to behave.  That should have tipped us off right from the start.  March and April never behave.  They are like precocious teens who have yet to be taken out behind the tool shed.  They may not be as cunning and downright cruel as February (long life to the Queen!) because, after all, there can be only one, but they are not to be trusted.  We trusted them anyway.

We wanted to be led astray.  We wanted to be fooled.  We wanted to be wined and dined and flattered, and March and April were only too happy to oblige.  Fair weather friends.  They set a trap and we walked right into it.

Well, the mask is off, but it has made us stronger.  We have reinforced our borders and are heading into the territory called “May.”  We have heard that it is a strange and wondrous land, but this time we will not be fooled by “soft, deceitful wiles.”  We will not fall for a pretty face.  This time we will “March” in and take Camelot by force.  Long live the King!

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