Sunday, April 10, 2016

April 10, 2016 - The Map

Is it any wonder that ancient man looked up to the heavens and saw gods within?  Is there anything more spectacular than the wispy shapes of clouds against the brilliant sun as it pushes and pushes and tries to break through?  Whole battles, legions of soldiers could be seen in the sky, depending on what the light allowed.  Sometimes he allowed more and other times less, but always it was spectacular, backlit by his brilliance.

Three horsemen appear.

Decisions were made--good against evil, light against dark--in the heavens above man as he gazed upward, wondering at his part in it all.  Signs and portents and omens were seen up in the heavens as the fickle immortals reflected their latest plans upon man.  A map could be seen, and he who could interpret that map held great power.  The map is still there.

With all our knowledge these days, we still look up to the heavens when making a plea, asking a question, begging a favor, or trying to make a decision.  “Is the time right?  Should I do it now?  What do you think?  Show me a sign and let me know if this good . . . “  We always look up and ask.  Always.  When we’re happy, when we’re sad, when we’re excited, when we’re worried, when we’re plotting . . .  We always look up.

And usually, somehow in a strange way, we get an answer.  Somehow, as soon as we gaze upward and make our request or petition, we get an answer.  It happens in the solar plexus region.  Pay attention next time and you’ll feel it.  If we are wrong or the decision is bad, there will be a tightening in the area, a “closing” off.  If we are right or the decision is good, we will feel an expansion, an “acceptance.”  There is more than one place in the human body where knowledge is processed.

For some, religion might come into it; for others, not at all.  The knowledge still works, regardless.  It is within man as his birthright.  The connection has never been broken.  The map is still there.

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