Friday, April 15, 2016

April 15, 2016 - Talking Monkeys

So in the beginning before all of our roles were set in stone, there was a great deal of arguing about the shape each creature should take.  Mother Nature was much more tolerant back then, being younger and more idealistic.  She allowed us all to trade back and forth in those days to see how we liked our shape.  This was before the Master of Final Form had appeared, so it was easier to allow for shifting.

Well, everyone was up in arms about the newcomers, the monkeys who could talk.  They were different from the other monkeys, who could not.  Because they could talk, these talking monkeys soon formed close-knit groups, and if you couldn’t talk, you weren’t allowed in the group.  At first everyone just laughed.  Who would want to be a talking monkey?  They were rather ugly versions of the Angelic beings.  (No one dared, though, to say a word about their homeliness to Mother Nature because she never makes mistakes.  Or at least she never admits to them.)

Anyhow, the talking monkeys didn’t have many positive attributes.  As I said, they were rather ugly.  They did not have beautiful fur.  They did not have razor-sharp claws.  They only had two eyes, and often those eyes were not very sharp in vision.  Their ears were rather small and pathetic, so sounds were not as brilliant to them.  Their sense of smell was abysmal, and frankly it was embarrassing to see such paltry noses.  They were not particularly strong, not in comparison to other creatures.  They couldn’t fly.  Their skin didn’t gleam.  They were also slow and lumbering as they moved through the forest.

An old shifter.

For the most part, they had no redeeming qualities.  There was one thing they could do fairly well, which was climb trees, but they abandoned the practice because they did not want to be lumped in with the other monkeys who could not talk.  Instead, they began walking upright on just their hind legs.  So the only thing they really could do was talk and walk.  I probably don’t have to tell you just how stupid they looked.

Now, you’d think they’d be rather humble, coming from such modest and barren lineage, unable to climb or jump or fly, being ugly, slow, and stupid.  But would you believe that they were the most conceited creatures in the forest?  It’s true.  They were ridiculous, self-satisfied, rather fat and ugly creatures.  Yet here they were walking about as if they were a gift to the Earth.  And why, you might ask?  Because they could talk.

As I said, everyone just laughed in the beginning.  Who would want to make a bunch of non-melodic, screeching, guttural sounds in the first place?  Now, the songbirds, they made beautiful sounds.  But the talking monkeys?  Hideous discord.  And yet their talking did something for them that gave them an edge over every other creature of the forest.  It allowed each one to describe what was happening in his own mind.  In this way, they could transfer thoughts and trade them back and forth.  In this way, they became deadly and fierce hunters and prowlers.

At this point, they had everyone’s attention.  No one dared to laugh anymore.  A talking monkey can give a thought to another talking monkey a mile away as quickly as one could swing from one vine to another, and that was pretty quick.  This allowed them to ban together, formulate plans, conquer territories, and put fear in the heart of every other creature.  Their goal was to become like the Angelic beings, who could also talk, and as time went on, they convinced first themselves and then others that they truly were Angelic beings.  But it was a lie.  They were just talking monkeys.

Soon, every creature avoided them, including the monkeys who could not talk.  In fact, the regular monkeys avoided them the most since the talking monkeys seemed to hate them so much.  Deep inside the talking monkeys knew they were not Angelic beings.  They knew they were just monkeys who could talk, and every time they saw a non-talking monkey, it reminded them of that fact.  Oh, how they hated the regular monkeys!  They reminded them of their lowly birth.

But as I said, this was the beginning, and shape-shifting still took place.  Some creatures shifted and took on the talking monkey form.  Some of them would stay that way and others would shift back.  Occasionally a talking monkey who was born that way would shift to become another creature because he knew of the destruction in the minds of the talking monkeys.  Alas, once he shifted over, he could tell no other creature of this destruction because he had lost the ability to talk.

Talking developed into rudimentary songs.  This developed into signs and symbols that represented the talking, which eventually developed into writing.  Now “talking” could be spread all over the world.  The talking monkeys grew exponentially and took over the Earth.  Soon, “talking” was everywhere.

Well, sometimes good things lead to bad, and sometimes bad things lead to good.  Mother Nature still loves polarity, after all.  Eventually, some of the talking became good talking and kind talking.  Some of the talking became brave talking and helpful talking.  And the more the talking developed into something good, the closer the talking monkeys came to being Angelic beings, but they didn’t know that because by that time they had forgotten all about the Angelic beings.  (As to the origin of the Angelic beings themselves, he with ears, let him hear.)

Of course, there was still more “bad talking” than there was “good talking” because, after all, these were only talking monkeys.  They still didn’t have beautiful fur or shiny skin.  They still couldn’t fly or run quickly.  They still had pathetic ears, paltry noses, and rather dim eyes.  They were also still very ugly and fat.  That’s a talking monkey for you.

And so to this day, you can still find talking monkeys if you look for them.  Some say they are everywhere.  If you find one with good talk, kind talk, brave talk, and helpful talk, then you may have found a keeper.  If you find one with bad talk, mean talk, cruel talk, and frightening talk, then you have just found yet another stupid talking monkey.  You also might find a creature who has shifted back to another form.  You will know them by their little hands and feet, which look a bit like the hands and feet of the talking monkeys.  The creature in the above photo is just such an old shifter.  Remember that the old shifters are good because they saw the Light.  Do not blame them for trying on the skin of the wily talking monkeys.

Talking, singing, writing, sending signs and symbols, communicating . . . One would think that such ability to use the Word would confer Angelic status immediately, but it is not so.  (That cannot be earned or taken.)  It is amazing, though, what has come from the talking monkeys.  Some of them show real promise, or so I’m told.  I have never met one myself as I prefer the old shifters who went back to their original form and wholeness.  When I am out in the forest, I ask out loud all the time, “Who would want to be a talking monkey?”  You know, to this day I have never gotten a response.  That speaks volumes.

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