Tuesday, September 8, 2015

September 8, 2015 - The Unknown Sailor

He’s not watching me like I’m watching him.  He doesn’t know I’m here.  I’m standing on the vast shore with rocks and cliffs everywhere.  It’s impossible to miss this land mass, and yet I’m invisible.  He’s off in a tiny sailboat by comparison.  It’s a speck on a vast horizon of blue, but he takes up the entire horizon.  I’ll stand and watch him go by until he’s far out of sight.  He won’t do the same for me.

It’s strange how we don’t see the massive things right before our eyes, but the tiny things--the details--lure us in.  It’s not the huge rock face I see before me.  It’s the tiny independent sailboat far out to sea that captures my eye, and because it has captured my eye, it has also captured my heart.  Maybe it’s because I can’t have him.  Maybe it’s because he doesn’t even know I exist.  I guess that makes it safer.

I stand in the middle of a love affair for one, courtesy of the unknown sailor.

The unknown sailor.

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