Friday, September 11, 2015

September 11, 2015 - Just One Candle

The sky is starting to look a lot more ominous, too.  Have you noticed?  It’s as though the dying reeds have given it the confidence to stand back up and challenge anyone in its path.  These aren’t the puffy gray clouds of summer storms that come and go in a few minutes on a warm breeze.  These are the beginning of the brooding clouds of the dark months.  These are the clouds that blot out all light, making the sun a distant memory, if that.

The dark clouds have returned.

When they come in, they usually bring the clouds of emotions with them.  The two often go hand in hand.  As the darkness settles over the land, it also settles over your mind.  Have you felt it?  It creeps over you, enshrouds you, and at last overwhelms you, pressing you down into the now gray Earth.  The distant memory of the sun is vital at this time, but whenever you attempt to bring it up, the clouds will double their attack.

Because they know what light can do, and they are hoping you do not.

So we have a little trick we play.  We light a candle.  Just one candle will do, although you can light as many as you like.  Often, however, I find that one candle seems to be more effective than many.  The reason for this is that it is just one constant, steady, tiny yet invincible, little light.  It’s not the glare of a light bulb or the glow of a computer screen.  It’s the one thing the darkness hates most of all:  a tiny spark.  That one little light will glow in your eyes, in your heart, and in your mind.  All the storm clouds in the world can’t put it out.

But they will try.

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