Wednesday, September 2, 2015

September 2, 2015 - Spidery Tales

I keep seeing their elaborate traps everywhere.  They’re bold.  They set out to enmesh an entire region and trap as many victims as possible.  They’re ruthless and cunning.  Their traps are transparent by day and invisible by night.  When the morning dew graces them, they sparkle like millions of tiny gems.  They’re enticing and deadly.  They’re wispy and ethereal.  They’re attractive and beguiling.  They’re ensnaring and murderous.

There is no mercy.

Very few escape their clutches.  The majority struggle at first but weaken quickly.  They wait in silent fear, not knowing what has happened but knowing only that they are trapped.  They’re in a world of gossamer tunnels filled with deadly ends.  Everything they touch is sticky and ensnares them further.  They give up the struggle easily, some would say hypnotically, as they gaze through clouded eyes at their sparkly prison.

The attack comes quickly.  There is another brief struggle when the victim realizes that the shiny silk clouds will not yield the sustenance they had hoped for.  Then the victim tries to find the light, but it’s too late.  The sticky mesh has enveloped them completely, and they can only stare out through haunted eyes.  Who knows what terrible ghosts they see?  Who knows what horrors dance across their minds?  Who knows what terror grips their souls?  The venomous bite comes lightning fast, and then all struggle ceases.  Then the long wait toward the slow and torturous ebbing of life begins.

But enough about the mainstream media.

August in Maine is known as “spider month,” and by the time September rolls around, it’s all you can do to avoid them.  Fortunately, we do not have any poisonous spiders in Maine.  I cannot say the same for the news.

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