Wednesday, September 23, 2015

September 23, 2015 - This is Fall

Another brilliant day of sun on the surf, but this time it wasn’t too hot.  The meadow grasses leading down to the beach are starting to die, and the color brown is taking center stage once again.  There’s a different feel in the air.  The wind is a little sharper and cooler, and it brings a different scent.

Fall comes to Mackerel Cove.

The animals are in a heightened frenzy as they get ready for the coming cold.  The squirrels are very fat now and have stored a great deal of food away.  All hibernating animals have gotten extremely fat from the lazy and bounteous summer.  The other animals are getting ready for the rut and the assured continuance of life.  Some birds have already left, including my beloved hermit thrush, and it won’t be long until a major migration takes place.  Meanwhile, the insects are tired and are laying their eggs.

All is well.  All is as it should be.  The Earth is getting ready for her death again, and she’s very grateful for the respite.  It’s time to take the crown off, put on a peasant’s dress, and pass the scepter to the next ruler.

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