Friday, May 29, 2015

May 29, 2015 - Walking The Bridge

Another bridge that seems to lead nowhere.  I have shown you a few already but am always happy when I come upon yet another.  But why, you ask, would someone want to build a bridge for no reason and that leads nowhere?  There’s a lot of time, material, and effort involved in building a bridge, so why have one that serves no purpose?

The answer is that all bridges serve a purpose--some more than one purpose--and this bridge is no different.  It has a purpose and a destination, but it chooses not to show them.  You could easily walk on either side of this small bridge and get from one area to the other.  There’s no river or stream holding you back, no treacherous vines, no quicksand.  This bridge spans a perfectly walkable and beautiful area, and so, if you feel like walking around the bridge, by all means, please do.

Another faerie bridge.

As for me, I’ll take the bridge because I know that going from one state to another is not an easy thing to do, and anything that helps is a boon.  Looking at the bridge in the picture exactly as it is, you can see that it seems to disappear on the left side into the trees.  It is this “disappearing” that gives away its nature.  If you were to walk up and gaze upon the bridge, of course, you would see the rest of it firmly planted on the other side of this idyllic setting.  But let’s not walk up to it.  Let’s look at it for a moment just as it is with one end disappearing into . . . somewhere.  And we can assume that it is a two-way bridge.  That is, you can enter from this world and go off to the “somewhere,” and you can come from the “somewhere” back into this world--and if you can do it, so can others.

This bridge must be walked with the eyes closed because the eyes are the easiest of the senses to fool, and the world of faerie knows this all too well.  That’s why it seems to be just a small bridge that spans nothing and has no purpose.  That’s what your eyes are telling you.  In fact, just about every advertiser and business out there has learned this trick and knows that the eyes are the easiest things to fool, and they count on your being mesmerized by glitzy visions.  So let’s not bring the eyes into this.

Are you ready?  Then go to the bridge, close your eyes, take hold of one of the rails, and begin walking.  When you think you have reached the middle--but without opening your eyes even a bit--stop.  Now listen very closely and store every sound in your mind.  Are there any fragrances you wish to remember?  Any soft winds or water droplets?  When you are ready, walk to the end of the bridge--eyes still closed.  Then go about your normal business.

Tonight or some night soon or perhaps during a meditation, the message you received from the bridge will make itself known, and you will get a peak into that other world.

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