Saturday, May 23, 2015

May 23, 2015 - Canopy of Comfort

High above, where most of us rarely look, the trees are coming together again in their protective canopy.  The buds are starting to open, and because the leaves are still small, the sky can easily be seen, although that won’t last.  Soon the trees will fill in thickly, and a moist, cool canopy will develop over our heads.  This will shield us from the severe sun of the summer, the sun that burns and scorches.  It will shield us from mild rainstorms, allowing only a small and delicate shower to get through.

This protective cover comes above us every year to keep us safe, cool, and comfortable.  All of the trees cooperate in this venture, from maples and oaks, to pines and birches, to aspens and beeches.  Together they hold hands with their gnarly, hardened bark.  Together they weave moistness with their delicate leaves.  And all of this is done for our comfort, our joy, our serenity.

The canopy as it forms again in spring.

I can’t speak for the concrete and asphalt world, but there’s no need for fans, air conditioning, hats, or sunscreen in the woods.  That has already been taken care of for us.  We walk along on our familiar paths, unaware for the most part of the pains Nature has taken to bring us ease.  Everywhere we go, every step we take, Nature is saying to us, “Can I get you something?”

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