Friday, May 15, 2015

May 15, 2015 - White Feathers

Geese don’t often pose for pictures, and this one was no exception.  In fact, she downright snubbed me, especially since I didn’t have any snacks with me.  I found myself wondering as she glided away just how she keeps her feathers so white. 

Surely, she has no secret laundry detergent or bleach or even a washing machine, for that matter.  She hasn’t got a second set of secret feathers somewhere that she puts on while she takes care of her current set.  She has no home or bed.  She’s out in all kinds of weather, from sunshine to pouring rain.  She often swims in dirty water and can frequently be seen walking through piles of mud.  She plays in wet green grass and greedily and quickly and messily eats just about anything.

So how--HOW--can she keep her feathers so white, so effortlessly?  

Impossibly white feathers.

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