Tuesday, May 26, 2015

May 26, 2015 - Driftwood

Sometime ago, a rather large tree was washed out to sea.  Most likely it was during a storm with an astronomical tide.  The shores at that time can be very dangerous.  It takes quite a bit of power to drag a large tree out to sea, but for the ocean, it is nothing.

And so the tree was swept out and battered upon the waves for a long time.  It drifted and smashed, drifted and smashed.  Most of the power of the sun that it had stored within ebbed away, and the tree was forsaken.  The small branches were all torn off and dissolved by the relentless waves, given back to the Great Alchemist for reshaping.  The tough bark was stripped off in large pieces as it swelled from soaking up so much water, and the drifting and smashing continued.  Then the wood of the large and twisted trunk turned a pale silver color from the washing and washing, and it became as smooth as silk.

An entire tree transformed into driftwood.

One day, no one knows the reason why, the ocean gave the tree back to the land.  He had transformed the tree into a stunning gift and presented it to the shore during yet another storm.  The shore greedily grabbed it and pulled it in.  Then she thanked the ocean with many kisses and embraces.  In the morning, the large enchanted silver tree was found adorning the sand.  It pointed out toward the ocean and waved goodbye, and then the shore hugged it and welcomed it home.

There is magic in driftwood, especially a piece this large.  This tree has known the joys of growth and energy of the sun and from deep within the Earth as well as the timelessness and sheer power of the Ocean.  Now it is a creature of both worlds, but it no longer looks to the sun for its power.  When night envelops the land and the Great Silver Disk slips across the sky, she will find a new member to join her tribe.

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