Friday, February 6, 2015

February 6, 2015 - Stardust

My mother always said it’s not good to look directly into the sun because it’s bad for your eyes.  That may be so, but it is certainly not bad for your soul.  As the sun hit the horizon this afternoon, he called my name over and over.  “Come and see me.  Come and see me . . .”  I took the chance on my eyes, hearing my mother’s voice in my mind telling me not to do it and ignoring it completely.

Because sometimes we have to ignore what we feel in the subjective world and concentrate on what we see in the world of the soul.  The subjective world is always changing anyhow.  It’s the world of the soul that remains constant.  I let the sun fill me up again today, only for a minute because I couldn’t handle anymore of his brilliance.  I let the sun look into my soul and light it up again.

And after all, if we are made of stardust as they say we are, then it was really just an old friend stopping by for a moment.  He left just as quickly as he came but I was "re-minded" of our old friendship, so I’ll leave the light on for him.


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