Sunday, March 6, 2016

March 6, 2016 - Seize the Moment

Frozen in its tracks, another seasonal waterfall is made temporarily lifeless by the cold.  We have no snow left (for now), but the cold of the nights is still very real.  The warm sun during the days causes the melting, but as the water reaches the shaded areas, it freezes solid once again.  Then night comes and everything is made hard as steel.

A moment frozen in time.

It’s only a temporary waterfall anyhow, one that comes and goes at the whims of the weather and is not a permanent feature of the landscape.  With the ground still frozen solid, the water finds a seemingly hard surface to run over.  But it’s all so transient, subject to the sun.  Once the ground thaws, the water will seep away and no one will know that this waterfall ever existed at all.

The forests are always shifting.  They move, however slowly.  They dance to a rhythm we cannot hear.  Things come into existence, live out their time, and then disappear without anyone ever knowing about them, but it happens just the same, whether we know or not.  This photo is only a moment in time, and that moment will never come again.  If I were to go back to the same spot tomorrow, I highly doubt it would look the same.

We’re told to seize the day.  Forget about the day.  The day is eternal.  Seize the moment; that’s where the action is.

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