Monday, March 21, 2016

March 21, 2016 - Pining

It is still March, after all, and anyone who thought we’d escape this month without more snow was really full of wishful thinking that just didn’t meet with reality.  It was a pining, a deep longing, for warmer weather.  That’s alright, though, because I have seen plenty of snow all the way into May.  We haven’t even reached April yet, but at least it’s not February anymore.  I’ll count my blessings where I can find them.

A place for everything . . .

Like the snowflakes, then, let’s pile the logs up higher and higher, creating a useful and intelligent decoration that promises warmth and comfort.  (Once again, the microworld reflects the macroworld, and vice versa.)  But in any event, it’s a comforting sight.  This newer home does not sport an old-fashioned fieldstone chimney, but you can bet that its modern chimney does a bang-up job all the same.

So we still have some waiting to do.  I am afraid that if you are the impatient kind, you still have no choice and you must wait this out.  The handicrafts of winter continue to call for your attention.  Mending fences, hauling wood, removing snow and ice, crocheting by the fire, and storytelling late into the night in a fire-lit room continue to be de rigueur for March.  Things could be a lot worse.

I won’t complain.  All too soon, a glass of wine and a nice thick stew by the fire will just be a memory.  Then we can pine away for that, too.

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