Tuesday, March 22, 2016

March 22, 2016 - A Little Peace


And what does it matter, really?
If you cover me in snow and ice?
I am already buried anyway.
Even before I got to the grave,
I was buried
in guilt and obligations,
in work and responsibilities,
in pain and fatigue.

Buried again.

And all I wanted, all I hoped for,
all I dreamed of was peace.
“A little peace and quiet!”
I would say.
Just give me a little peace.
Because I’m so tired.
and I’m so worn out
and I’m so exhausted from trying.
Just a little peace.

Which was granted,
as all good wishes are.
Eternal peace was given to me easily,
suddenly and freely.
And it was quiet.
I remember that.
It was very quiet.
I had already buried my guilt and obligations,
my work and responsibilities,
my pain and fatigue.

I buried them in my conscience.
I buried them in my self-righteousness.
I buried them in my self-pity.
Shovel after shovel,
I buried them deeply.
And then they buried me,
returning the favor,
deep in the Earth
and buried again
for a little peace and quiet.

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