Thursday, January 14, 2016

January 14, 2016 - Complement

Even as the snow covers everything thickly and boldly, the sun quietly sneaks into the tiny spaces.  The snow needs something to cling to; it needs a solid place to land.  But the sun is under no such restrictions.  In fact, the solid things block the sun completely.  If your goal were to ban the sun in totality, you would hide under a solid contraption, perhaps a roof.  Then you would be “safe.”  Assuming that was your goal, of course.  The snow would find affinity with your roof.  It’s a solid place to land and build and grow.  The sun would disdain it.

Polar opposites.

You see, this is the part that the Lord of Winter does not understand, although I will deny that I said this if you tell him.  He is the master of the final form.  Crystals, minerals, diamonds--he excels at these, the more intricate the better.  He understands finality.  He understands form.  But . . . what to do with the spaces?  What to do with the things that have no hope of form?  This is where he is at a loss.

Here you can see the Sun King understands it all quite well.  He may travel as he pleases.  He need construct nothing.  He weaves his way in and out of the tiniest spaces.  If there is the slightest bit of room to move and nothing solid blocking him, he will find a way to sneak in.  Even in the coldest places, you will find him.  Here in the photo he embraces the snow.  This is boldness!  The polar opposites complement one another perfectly, although it is not for me to tell them so and I pity the soul who attempts such foolishness.

But it is only January, and this means nothing right now.  Perhaps in a couple of months we will speak further.  Say nothing to the snow.

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