Saturday, January 2, 2016

January 2, 2016 - Cat and Mouse

A truce has been reached--for now--as expected.  It will be broken, of course, as expected.  Rules are made to be broken, after all.  There’d be no point in having them unless we expected the opposite behavior.  In this case, the clouds have backed off, but not entirely.  They loom on the horizon, menacingly.  Soon they will rush back, reinforced and hungry for the fight.

The icy battlefield, drenched in the blood of the clouds, lay like a vast wasteland.  No one could guess the life that sprang forth bounteously on this very spot only a few months ago.  No one would believe it.  War does that to people.  It drives home the reality of the situation and replaces anything that came before it.  If the people remember a different time, they are not saying so.  They remain mute and fearful.

The Lord of Winter has regrouped at his base camp, but even now he sends out scouts to judge the strength of the enemy.  The Sun King is far too weak to engage in battle nonstop, and they both know it.  It has become a game of cat and mouse, and this is a game at which the Lord of Winter excels.  Brace yourself for another impact.  Perhaps this time he will drive the sun from us once and for all.

A game of chess.

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