Sunday, January 31, 2016

January 31, 2016 - Magical Bridges

We are enjoying a bit of a January thaw, and it’s a good feeling!  Portions of the rivers are flowing again.  You can hear ice cracking away from the shores.  It won’t last, of course, because . . . February.  But while it’s here, we enjoy it.  I wouldn’t chance a dip in the water just yet, though.

The temporary ice bridge between these two patches of land has dissolved.  I think ice bridges are magical.  They’re not like regular bridges, are they?  Regular bridges are purposely placed by man so that we might travel from one area to another over a region that is impossible to travel.  The constructed bridge makes it possible, and its construction is meant to be permanent.  Of course, people have to want it.  The manmade bridge has to connect two popular places, two necessary places.  There has to be a need for it.

The magical ice bridge, unmagicked.

But the magical bridge is under no such constraints.  The magical bridge forms wherever it pleases.  It does not always form in the same place, and even when it does, no two magical bridges are the same.  They are unique and must be appreciated for the temporary magical things they are.  A magical ice bridge does not fulfill a need.  Indeed, sometimes the magical bridge is not used at all, but that doesn’t stop it from forming.  It forms with abandon, beautiful planks of crystalline ice, shining and glowing, stretching from one remarkably plain place to another.

Once the bridge is made, though, the magical connection begins.  Now the places are no longer plain.  Now they are connected by something that begs to be crossed.  There must be a reason for it, although with magic, you never know.  What seems reasonable to us is positively ridiculous to magic, and vice versa. 

“Cross over!  Cross over while you can!” said the Bering Strait, a magical and temporary land bridge from about 15,000 years ago.  And they did, and things have never been the same.  That’s what magical bridges do.

Do not worry about our lost little ice bridge as it will rebuild again because . . . February.  Yes.  That is the only thing looming on the horizon now, and it blots out everything else.  Magic will be much needed over the coming month.

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