Sunday, January 3, 2016

January 3, 2016 - Old Yggdrasil


Old Yggdrasil sits atop the hill
the eagle perched upon his bough
who sees all and knows all.
If there is new life, Yggdrasil knows it.
If there is death, Yggdrasil knows that, too.

Searching for the oath breakers . . .

The squirrel runs up and down
always busy, always talking
like mankind, he gossips.
He tells his lies to the great eagle
then down he runs to the worm, Níðhöggr
who slithers here and there
ever searching for the oath breakers.

He does not have far to look
and then devours them whole
but still they come, more and more.
Lovers who meet beneath
Yggdrasil in the night,
be sure your hearts are pure
or the eagle will know
and you will beg for Níðhöggr
before he finishes with you.

As Odin’s gallows
proudly still Yggdrasil stands
the horse of the hanged
where Odin gained his knowledge
of the words
where judgment is swift
and mercy is rare.

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