Sunday, February 28, 2016

February 28, 2015 - A Good Trade?


I overheard him say,

“I am an old man
but still I know a few things.
The woods provide everything we need.
Wood for fire
for warmth and cooking
tree covering for shelter
for privacy
for protection from storms
shade from the blazing sun
animals to hunt
roots to forage
weeds to eat
mushrooms for medicine
tree bark for baskets
moss for insulation
resin for glues
roots for twine
birds for their down feathers
bees for their honey.

 “And we destroy this for?
for warmth and cooking
for shelter and shade
protection for man from man
for pets and houseplants
for formal gardens
and back-breaking agriculture
and animal feedlots
for doctors
and shopping malls
for soft pillows
and plastics
and corn syrup
and stale air.

“I am an old man
but I know a good trade
when I see one
and a bad trade as well.
I still know a few things.
I am not fooled.”

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