Thursday, February 18, 2016

February 18, 2016 - A Presence

The center tree in this photo is hiding a great secret, but the secret is so big that it threatens to spill over around the bark.  In an unusual, brilliant-blue February sky, a presence made itself known to me.  It was so blinding and so stunning that I could not gaze directly at it.  I have not said a word about it to anyone, but I am listening to the forest network, and there are rumors flying . . .

Some people might have been afraid to stalk the presence, but I was not.  This is my territory after all, and I must command it.  I positioned myself behind the middle tree in the photo--not so magnificent a tree, really, as I have surely seen much larger--and I stalked the presence.  When I guessed that it was looking in the other direction, I snapped this photo.  You can see its white-light edges threatening to jump around the tree, but I can report that it did not do so, at least not in my presence.  This tells me that it is thoughtful and purposeful.

The days are still cold as they always are, but I do feel a sort of warming here and there, having passed Brigid’s Day.  It remains to be seen exactly what this brilliant presence was, but I am hopeful that we will be allies, which can often be a good deal better than friends.

For certain, a bold intruder.

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