Monday, February 22, 2016

February 22, 2016 - Carving the World

Have you ever fallen down really hard?  Fallen straight down on solid rock?  Perhaps on a knee?  And did you smash it so badly that your teeth chattered and your eyes watered and you limped for weeks?  The fall was so quick that you didn’t have time to realize what was happening until you landed--hard.  Really hard.  Then you were in shock and pain.  But if you looked at the rock, nothing had happened to it.  It remained solid, hard, impenetrable.  It is a rock, after all.

If you were to take the same fall, but take it in waist-high water instead, the outcome would be dramatically different.  The water would cushion you as you fell.  Your knee would  gently tap the bottom, and you might get a face full of water.  You’d be shocked but you’d be laughing, and there would be no pain.  And if you looked at the water, it would appear that nothing had happened to it.  There would be no evidence of your fall.  It is water, after all.

See the power of water.

Yet see how the rock bows to the water in the photo.  See how the mighty kneels and gives way.  See how the solid, the hard, the impenetrable falters and his lip quivers, his head bent in submission.  See how the water roars past the rocks.  See how its soft and cushiony and delicate nature carves through solid walls.  See how the flexible and wavy liquid cuts like the hardest diamond.

There is no rock hard enough that it can resist water, and I am not talking only about raging water with dramatic waves and currents.  Even single drops of water, drop drop dropping, can carve through the hardest rock.  Then add those drops together into a body of water and watch the mighty genuflect to the seemingly meek.  Learn what true power actually is.  Watch the water take on a deified status to what you thought was the power of the material world.

And this is your first clue.  Search now for that thing which makes water appear to be a rock in comparison.  Search and you will find . . . thought.  Thought is like water in a dimension once removed.  Then apply the same principles which Mother Nature has generously shared, and you will carve your world--sometimes drop drop dropping, and sometimes as a raging tempest.  That part is up to you and your self-discipline.  Watch as the world genuflects in ecstasy.

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