Friday, February 26, 2016

February 26, 2016 - The Sun's Promise

We were promised, so we do not have to be afraid.  The sun has imprinted himself upon every single thing in existence.  There is not one thing on the Earth--not one thing--that does not have the imprint of the sun upon it somewhere.  It is easier to find it on certain things than on others, but it is always there.  It is easy to find it on a plant, a little harder on a rock.  But every single thing carries the imprint of the sun in one way or another.

A promise is a promise.

Everything that bears the sun’s imprint belongs to the sun, and the sun will always come back for his belongings.  From the highest mountain to the lowliest flea, the sun will come back for them both.  And not one thing will be miscounted either--not one thing--because he is very possessive of his belongings.  He knows exactly how many of his creatures exist at any given moment in time, down to the very last one.

So we do not have to be afraid, because we have not been forgotten.  A promise was made to us the moment we came into existence.  The moment we became one of his creatures, we were guaranteed his promise.  We were guaranteed the right to be here, no matter who might tell us otherwise.  We were guaranteed to the right to our lives, no matter who might tell us no. 

Remember this:  Mankind is the only creature who pays money to live on this Earth.  Mankind is the only creature who is told he is in debt from birth to death.  But this is not part of the promise.  This is what we were told by others who want to hide the promise from us.  The deer do not pay to exist, nor do the whales, birds, insects, etc.  Only mankind does so because he has forgotten the promise.

We belong here.  We have not been forgotten.  We may have forgotten our own selves, but we have not been forgotten by the one who imprinted himself upon us the moment we were born.  He said, “I will always come back for you.”  And he always has.

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