Wednesday, February 24, 2016

February 24, 2016 - Darkness is a Requirement

Darkness, then, is a requirement, a need.  And since it is a need, it must be fulfilled.  Sooner or later, it must be fulfilled.  There is nothing that occurs by chance.  The sun-lovers, those who gaze adoringly at the brilliant orb of fire, must still pay the toll in the end.  Those who claim only one loyalty must acquiesce at last.  They cannot look too long into the eyes of perfection before having to look away.  Delay it, they may.  Deny it, they do.  But eventually, all eyes must rest in the peace of the shadows.

Nothing occurs by chance.

It is a requirement.  The armbands of the Golden King must be removed at some point to allow the shoulders to slump and the head to bow.  The sigh that escapes is not necessarily sad, but only relieved.  The vigilance is relaxed; the candle snuffed.  It is a time to allow the mist to envelop you, a time to remove the crown of duty.  It is a time to look into forbidden alleys.

It is a need, and there are none who escape it.  Most go to it without thinking or choosing--simply doing so out of sheer exhaustion.  Some fight with every breath they have, but still they bend their knee in the end.  And the clever?  They walk willingly into it because they know that here is found respite and a resonance of spirit.  Here is found solace, despite the loud and vocal minions of the Sun King. 

Stay and hide if you must, but I will dare to walk while the portals are open.  It is a good time of the year.  Deny me what you will, but I have paid my dues.

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