Thursday, December 10, 2015

December 10, 2015 - Gnomes

I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to see a gnome walking by just now.  It’s a gnomey time of year.  Spring and summer?  No way.  But late fall and early winter?  Oh, yes.  And you know, it wouldn’t even be that shocking!  They seem to like this time of year, this time of death and decay.  They are concerned with a different kind of growth.

The spring and summer greens are long since gone.  They give off a bright and shiny kind of energy.  You can feel it all around you.  The secret storage of the sun’s energy into the green plants is perhaps not as much a secret as the plants would like to think.  It’s a veritable pulsation.  They ooze the sun’s energy everywhere, and it can be easily palpated.  But they’re gone now.

Gnomes among the mushrooms on my road.

Now we have a different kind of growth, a growth based on death, strange as it seems.  Things have died all around us, and the world has turned to brown and will eventually turn to a dull grey.  The hidden stored energy of the sun is much harder to find now, but it is not so difficult to find the hardworking and hidden elementals who break the energy down and disperse it.  They are downright bold now.

They come with a strange and sweet and earthy scent to the air.  Things are crumbling now, and you can smell the crumbling.  If you rub your fingers--thumb to index and middle finger--you can almost feel the crumbly Earth on your fingertips.  And everything feels damp and moist.  This is not a life of sunshine but one of darkness, sweet and intoxicating.

The alchemist Paracelsus spoke of the gnomes.  He knew of the Earth dwellers.  He said that they were beings who existed in a world between mankind and the spirit world, and hence they contained some of each world.  Living in caves or within the Earth itself, the gnomes work with crystals, minerals, rocks, and gems--and, of course, the bones of humans.  This is the time of year when you “feel the weather in your bones.”  It might behoove you to make friends with them.

Traveling among the mushrooms, the gnome in this photo wears his coat of leaves pulled tightly up around him.  His vibrations are so similar to those of the Earth that he can easily pass right through it, and in fact, that is exactly what he did.

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