Wednesday, December 9, 2015

December 9, 2015 - The First Day

I imagine that this is what the very first day looked like.  The sun, fighting its way through a heavy atmosphere and massive clouds, begins to burst through upon a cold, dark, and grey Earth.  A river is waiting to greet the sun and reflect his beauty back into his own eyes.  Dazzled by his own brilliance, the Sun falls in love with his own reflection, delighted that he is no longer alone.  The River, being able to see for the first time ever, falls in love with he who gave her eyes to see.  Together they become the "I am."

The first day.

When I look out upon a scene like this, so common and ordinary in Maine, I receive that instantaneous flash, that instantaneous knowing.  I know I have been here before, thousands and thousands of times (perhaps millions).  Long before this lifetime, I was here at this spot, and if you have the “flash” upon seeing this, you were here, too.  Long after this lifetime, I will be here at this spot, and you will be, too.  This is reality, and everything else in my world is just part of the current dream I’m in.

Everything that was bothering me only moments ago seems to drift off.  My problems have no reality anymore, and I realize they never did.  Oh, I will head for home and the problems of my current dream will still be there, but they are not enduring.  They weren’t there in the beginning like you and I were with the sun and the river.  They didn’t see the first embrace of the light and the land, so how important could they be?  They’re just stories made to fill up the time until we come back to the river again and witness the beginning.

(This is The Muddy River in Topsham.  It’s only about 4 miles long and empties into Merrymeeting Bay.  It’s more tidal than anything else, really.  Not many people come here, but I do.  Perhaps you do, too.)

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