Friday, October 9, 2015

October 9, 2015 - Today There Is Enough

The sheep have gotten so fat from the summer, from an abundance of food, from never having to think or worry about lack.  That’s part of being a sheep, I suppose.  Lack is never an idea that crosses a sheep’s mind.  Will there be enough?  Will I have enough to eat?  How much is enough?  These questions are never asked.  They are never supposed or planned for.

There is no worry of lack.

It is enough that today there is enough.  Tomorrow will take care of itself, and if there is not enough tomorrow when we get there, it will be today by then.  And today there is enough.  Abundance is always assumed.

How many problems and crises could we avoid worrying about if we were to think like the sheep?  A full 95% of our perceived difficulties would slip away, and the remaining 5% could be tackled with strength and courage instead of exhaustion and fear.

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