Wednesday, October 21, 2015

October 21, 2015 - Upon Further Reflection

Upon further reflection, I will stand quietly and listen to the birds and animals around me rather than hop in a car and go for a ride to “leaf peep.”  I will stay very still and make no sound.  I will move as little as possible, and I will just wait.  I will wait and I will watch.  When my presence is forgotten, I will see the pond come to life.

A perfect reflection.

Upon further reflection, I will respect the nature around me, and that includes the predators.  I will allow them to stalk and kill their prey because that is their nature, and they need to eat, too.  I will allow the prey to be caught or to be lucky, as the case may be.  I will not interfere with the natural cycle.

Upon further reflection, I will watch the sun rise in the morning and travel across the pond water, as reflected in the sky.  Or is that the other way around?  I will marvel at the mirror before me and know that a perfect record is being kept somewhere.  Somehow and somewhere in someway, a perfect record is kept of everything that is ever done, including what we ourselves do.  And it does not matter if we are alone; the record is still kept.  Our hearts reflect our intentions perfectly.

And so, upon further reflection, I will work without lust of result.  I will unfailingly do my best so that one day when I look into the mirror, as we all must finally do at some point, I will see that I have done well.

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