Sunday, October 18, 2015

October 18, 2015 - An Endangered Species

Fall has come to the Head of Tide in Topsham.  The old Cathance River dam looks older and older to me each year.  I’m waiting for it to crumble, but today is not that day.  The dam separates the tidal portion of the river from the freshwater portion.  The waterfall marks the exact spot of separation, and right now it looks darn puny.  Don’t let it fool you, though.  I’ve seen it absolutely raging at times, and I wouldn’t want to be caught in it.

Head of Tide on the old Cathance River.

There are rare and endangered species here, especially on the intertidal mudflats, which you can see off in the distance.  I am also one of those rare and endangered species.  I haven’t seen many out there like me.  A rare animal, I prefer the outdoors to the indoors.  That device called “television” does not exist in my den, and therefore does not disrupt my life with its high frequency vibrations.  A creature of habit, I cannot be wooed by material things, and I don’t “do” retail therapy.  I don’t eat packaged food.  My clothes are very plain and old, and I do not own a “smart phone.”  I have a dumb one, but I usually forget to bring it with me anyhow.  Then there’s the issue of actually charging it, which is a whole “nother” thing.

I suppose I will crumble someday just like the old dam, and when I do, I hope for the sake of the reader that an old curmudgeon takes my place and continues to capture the real Maine.  But today is not that day, and so I soldier on.

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