Thursday, October 8, 2015

October 8, 2015 - The Stone In The Woods

It’s like a massive stone table or workstation of solid rock, weighing several thousand pounds--and that’s just the part which is aboveground.  This is courtesy of the last Ice Age.  To give you an idea of the size, the tree behind it is quite large but looks tiny by comparison (see photo below).  This is one huge slab of stone.

A massive boulder in the woods.

Surely a race of giants stood around it at one point, diligently working away at their tasks.  One was a cobbler, another a smith, and still another a carpenter.  There was plenty of room for all.  The indentation on the back in the right was for the baker and his doughs so that they couldn’t get away from him.

Or at night when no one else is around, a race of wood elves materializes and uses this as a dining table.  Around this table are gleaming walls that make up a huge dance hall, and around that a whole castle is built with many rooms and secret passageways that hide all manner of private meetings.  By day it is a forest with many deer paths and gnarled trees.  By night it transforms into an entire town.

Then, too, it could be Ra’s boat, Mesektet, stored here daily until sunset when he requires it to sail into the Underworld.  He has not hidden it as well as he should have, though I doubt anyone would have the audacity to chastise him.  If I could figure out how to steer it, I could sail it myself, commandeering the helm and heading off into the sunset.  And who could blame me?  Should I be penalized for Ra’s carelessness?

Oh, the things one finds in the woods . . .

The tree behind Mesektet, which holds a very large bat house.

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