Wednesday, July 8, 2015

July 8, 2015 - Musings in the Fog

The question I’ve always asked when the fog is thick, as it often is in the morning, is what’s on the other side of it?  We know what’s on the other side of the cove when it’s sunny because we can see it.  While “seeing is believing” is the biggest lie I’ve ever heard, we still seem to take the word of our eyes when the sun is shining.  Unquestioningly, we’ll look across that cove and point everything out on the other side as if it were the back of our hands.

Then suddenly the other side is gone--at least that’s what our eyes tell us.  They say to us, “There is no other side.  In fact, there’s no cove either because we can’t see either one of them.  Therefore, they do not exist because seeing is believing.”  So if seeing something makes it there, i.e., makes it real, then not seeing it makes it not there, makes it unreal.  Now you see how deceitful and limited the eyes can be.

A pier that leads to absolutely nowhere.

Because you know something’s there.  It just has to be there because there’s no such thing as nothing.  In all probability there is still a cove there, and it follows that there is most likely an opposite side, too.  There’s probably a rocky shore over there, just like on this side.  There’s probably lots of vegetation and trees and homes stuck here and there all about the shore, just like on this side.  At least that’s the way I remember it, and my memory wouldn’t lie to me about what my eyes saw at one time, would it?  I can pull that image out of my mind in a heartbeat anytime I want because my eyes placed it there in a very convenient spot.

The odd thing is that when it’s sunny, I don’t instantly pull up images of the fog.  I’d have to work at it a bit to do so.  I don’t say to myself, “Hey wait a minute.  Where is the nothing that was here just yesterday?”  The eyes don’t like to store in the mind what they are afraid of, what they can’t seem to grasp.  The eyes like concrete things.  It’s not as easy to look out on a sunny day and with my “mind’s eye” see the fog instead and not the other shore.

But it can be done.  So what’s on the other side today?  Absolutely nothing.  I’m going to free my mind of the image placed there by my deceitful eyes from a day gone by.  Maybe the world just stops right there and doesn’t go on.  It wouldn’t be such a bad thing, really.

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