Tuesday, July 14, 2015

July 14, 2015 - One Vital Principle

Some nights when the sun goes down or very early when it rises, the color theme in this photo repeats itself again and again.  Over and over I see the yellow violently bursting into orange, and these two then melt into red and burgundy and sometimes even purple.  This is the announcement of the sun.  This is light out of the darkness.  This is the voice that says, “I am.”

Prana escaping from the flower.

But the colors and the splendor are repeated elsewhere, not just in the sky, as you can see in this flower.  The “I am” is everywhere.  The pulsation and pressure are felt until finally the flower violently bursts open, exploding from one form to another.  In the center, we see the Prana, Sanskrit for the life force or the vital principle.  Vital, indeed.  If you look toward the bottom of the photo, you can see the pistil, the female portion of the flower.  The angle of the photo makes it look flat, but it is actually curved and coming back around on itself.  Do you see what is pouring out?  I see brilliant light.  I am not clever enough to know how to enhance photos.  What you see is the photo I took, magnified.  It was not noticeable with the naked eye, perhaps because I was not looking for it.

The pistil waits patiently for the pollen to fall upon it, and then the life force engages dramatically and the plant reproduces and the violent explosion occurs once again in another form.  It is the secret storing of the sun’s energy in the plants and the keepers of the Prana that make this happen.  The plant is the primary receiver of the life force from the sun.  When we consume a plant, we are eating the sun in a secondary form.  When we consume an animal, we are eating the sun in a tertiary form.  But we are still eating the sun.

There is only one energy, one vital principle, one explosive pressure, one “I am.”