Tuesday, July 28, 2015

July 28, 2015 - Searching in the Fog

Somewhere in the fog a loon is wailing, and another one is answering.  They can still find one another with their vision cut completely off because it has never been sight that brings them together but a desire to sing the same song.  At first one call is close and another very far away, but as the song continues they travel toward one another and then the song is louder and more confident.  Then there are two.

I pick my way slowly through the fog.  There is no one to call out to, so I do not wail.  But I wonder if I have that backwards.  Is it that I do not wail because there is no one to call out to, or is there no one to call out to because I do not wail?  There must be a desire for both parties to sing the same song.  If I were to wail, would there be an answer?  Perhaps I will give it a try.  Tomorrow.

Searching in the fog.

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